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hlb hair extension shop

Looking for the most natural and lightweight hair extensions with the body and fullness of the hair you've always dreamt of?


Our line of Hand Tied Hair Extensions are the ultimate experience in hair extensions. We created our line of hair extensions to provide the best quality hair to ensuring longevity and to mimic your natural hair. 

HLB Hand-tied Hair Extensions are handmade from human hair that has been processed and colored to achieve the ultimate brass-free color. They are thinner and tend to lay flatter to the scalp than semi-hand tied or regular hair wefts.

We offer a wavy and straight textured extension in a 14", 18" 20" and 22" length. Each full hand-tied weft is approximately 11.5" wide, weighs approximately 100-120 grams and includes cut points to the final 1" of the extension.

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