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microblading certification



-Know sanitation and sterilization standards/guidelines 

-Understand color theory

-understand skin anatomy

-Understand blood-borne pathogens

-Learn micro-blade application techniques

-Master conventional and new needle configurations

-Understand eyebrows and face shape

-Preform procedures on live models

-Learn basic marketing strategies


-HLB starter kit included (value $500)  
-Introduction to brow design
-Client consultation
- Safety, sanitation, and sterilization 
-Anesthetic safety
-Pre procedure instructions
-Developing a portfolio
-Business organization basics
-Legal issues
-Practical demonstration
-Topical anesthetics
-Healing procedures
-Equipment, pigment, and supplies
-access to ongoing HLB support

Class hours
Day 1: 9 am to 3 pm
Day 2: 9 am to 2 pm + work models
Day 3: full day of work on models
Each training kit includes:
- hlb permanent makeup machine
-training manual
-practice materials in class
-practice skins/blades/pigments, etc. 

-online support unlimited 
-practice on live models *you can supply your own or we can provide one for you*
-microblading techniques 
-certificate of completion
after completion of the course, you will be certified by HLB in microblading. Certification will be mailed to you. 


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