Volume Lash Training Course

HLB LASH KIT (included with the price of course)

  • 1 - Curved Tweezer

  • 1 - Straight Tweezer

  • 2 - Mixed Eyelash Trays (16 lines each)

  • 1 - Lash Adhesive (5ml)

  • 1 - Lash Palette

  • 1 - 3M Micropore Tape

  • 10 sets - Anti-wrinkle Collagen Eyepatches

  • 1 - Cream Remover

  • 2 - Disposable Face Masks

  • 10 - Disposable Mascara Wands

  • 10 - Aftercare Leaflets

  • 1 - HLB Lash Professional Notebook



The HLB Academy Classic Eyelash course is a great way to start your journey into the industry. In this two-day course, you will learn everything there is to know about classic lashes, including product knowledge, full sets, fills, removals, client aftercare, eye design, and more. In addition, you will be educated on non-application skills essential to your lash business.  



  • Tools: Introduction to all tools used and how to care for them, an introduction to lash products, the proper use of glue and how to avoid/handle an allergic reaction.

  • Preparation

  • Introduction to Lashes (curves, thickness, length)

  • Patch Tests and Client Consultation

  • Workstation Preparation

  • How to Work With Different Eye Shapes and Bone Structures

  • Choosing the Best Lash Set and Size

  • Application Techniques: understanding and handling various lashes, attaching lash extensions, removing lash extensions and eyelash aftercare

  • Marketing & Business Tools: hot to take professional photos, building your portfolio and marketing your business​


How Long is the Course?

This Classic Lash course runs two consecutive days from 9 am to 1 pm. The course is broken up into sections, such as what is listed above. Day one starts with the theory behind lash extensions and is followed up with a live HLB model to practice. Day two you will need to bring your own model and your instructor will assist with application. We will finish with marketing tactics and building your brand. 

You are required to bring a live model to your second day of training from 9:30am to 1pm. If you are unable to provide a model, please contact us 7 days prior to the course so we can secure one for you.