Volume Lash Training Course


Step-by-step training

Fully Accredited HLB Academy Certification in Volume Lash Application

HLB Academy Volume Lash Kit:

  • 1 - Case of Easy Fanning Mixed Length HLB Lashes

  • 1 - HLB Clear Adhesive

  • 1 - Lash Remover

  • 5 - Premium Shaped Eye Pads

  • 1 - Pick Up and Isolation Tweezer

  • 1 - Round Foot Tweezer

  • 1 - Jade Stone

  • 1 - Transpore Tape

  • 5 - Mascara Wands

  • 5 - Microfiber Brushes

  • 1 - HLB Lash Cleanser

  • 1 - Wooden Cleansing Brush

  • 10 - Consultation Forms

(Please note: HLB Lash Kit may vary depending on each trainer)

HLB Academy Staff Support



Course Description:

Are you classic lash trained looking to broaden your craft? The Volume course is your next step! Our trainers are professional lash technicians and this course gives you all the information and guidance to help you master volume lashing. We cover everything from fanning techniques, to lash mapping, to choice of tweezers to everything in between. 


Contents of this Course:

  • Difference Between Classic and Volume Lashes

  • Characteristics of a Volume Fan

  • Lash Volume Conversation

  • Fanning Methods and Techniques

  • Dipping

  • Application and Correct Placement

  • Lash Selection and Creating the Perfect Look

  • Lash Mapping

  • Fill ins

  • Aftercare

  • Practical Demonstration

  • Practice on Live Models

  • Q&A Session

  • Post Course Requirements

How Long is the Course?

This Volume Lash course runs for one day from 9 am to 3 pm. The course is broken up into sections, such as what is listed above. The day begins with the theory behind volume lash extensions and is followed by practice fan making. Once the student is catching on to technique, a live model will be provided and your instructor will assist your application. We will finish with marketing tactics and building your brand. By the end of this one day course, you will be all set to build your portfolio and begin your business!