Lash Training

lash training course

Learn the art of applying eyelash extensions. 

Eyelash Extension Training course will guide you through each step so that you fully understand the complete eyelash application technique and will be able to apply eyelash extensions successfully. Eyelash extension application isn't just about placing the extension on the lash-it's about creating a look and style specific to each client. 

The Eyelash Extension Course is broken into a 2 day program:


Day 1: 

Overview of Eyelash Extensions 

Lash Growth Cycles ; Eye Conditions to be aware of & Health and Safety 

Products to Use For Eyelash Extension Application; Eyelash applications, types of lashes,how to know which to Use 

Client Preperation, Framing lashes on the Eye to create a look 

Kit Breakdown & overview

Day 2: 

Lash fills, Proper & Safe removal

After Care and Products & Client Care 

Cost of Service - How to price your services 

Eyelash Extension Removal Process.


Price: 999.99